My Reaction in the movie “TRAIN to BUSAN”.


My reaction in the movie “Train to Busan”. It is one of the best movie in this year 2016. There are so many cruel people in the movie “train to busan”. We can see the different personalities in the movie that is being seen in the real life. There are people in the society that is so cruel they can do what they want just for their own sake. Even though there are people who is suffering for. They don’t care what you feel just to get what they want. Also there are people who is so kind they help other people. Sometimes there people was being treat as a slave they don’t have choice so  they just follow the command of the higher people.




What is music? “music is an art formed by many ethnic groups using some medium/instrument. What if there is no music? Do you think that it is not a boring without music? Yes, of course because without music is so boring. with out music it sucks! you know why? because many people will going to work, work and work all the time, and there is no time for them to chill out and to listen into something new or doing something to get their stressed out. Many instruments will produce sounds that can make a music good. Music have a different genre being produced by different people or groups. Music have a different genre like jazz, pop, classic song and sometimes it is used in opera. Music is a cultural activity being used by different people.

Music is being used by many people as a therapy because it is one of their stress reliever. Many people become successful because of music like Micheal Jackson, Whitney Huston, John Lennon, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley and many other using a different genre. All the artist have their own genre  because they want their music unique in other artist. Music is a culture because it is being shared to other people. Music is very important because with out music there is no harmony and melody in the world.